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Tyre retreading saves you money. Today, tyre retreading costs are about 25-30 percent of the cost of a new tyre. The life of the retreaded tyre is approximately 60-80 percent of the life of a new tyre. In terms of running kilometre retreaded tyres therefore cost about 30 percent of the cost of a new tyre resulting in substantial savings. Tyre retreading is also essentially a recycling process. In Western countries, tyres cannot be put in landfills and thus must be recycled. It also contributes significantly to reduction of carbon footprint emission by putting into re use old casings, which is otherwise a headache to dispose.

CIO Tyres uses "Hot Cure" or "Mould Cure" Retreading process for retreading of all sizes of Tyres and “Cold Cure” or “Precured” Retreading process for tyre size upto mid OTR Range.

"Hot Cure" or "Mould Cure" Retreading process

The application of tread in the Hot Cure retread process is very similar to that of new tyre manufacture.

Initial Inspection is done of the tyres received for retreading. In depth is checking of the casing condition including, through and cuts, condition / strength of the casing, the age of the casing, air pockets in the outside and inner casing etc.

Earthmover Range

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Commercial Range

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