Fabulous history & Benifits to the nation

Five decades of CIO operations have brought to all concerned a number of tangible benefits. CIO has contributed, over the nations exchequer and to the development of the retreading industry. Some of the major contributions made by the company.

Indigenous Development of Equipment and Machinery

CIO can make legitimate pride in the contribution it has made in to the indigenous development and manufacture of moulds and machinery for retreading very large size OTR tyres, including
50/80-57, the largest tyre using in India. In fact the and diversification of all our plants over the years were done indigenously without importing any equipment, thereby saving considerable exchange.CIO is proud that it is wholly Indian.

Inside View of Factory When Inaugurated in 1952    


Foreigen Exchange


Until recently large size OTR tyres were being imported. Even now some of the larger sizes are imported. When the tyres were worn they were being replaced by fresh set of imported tyres since there were no facilities in the country for renewing the life of these retreading. Through CIO's pioneering efforts in expanding its range of capabilities in retreading OTR tyres, foreign exchange worth rupees has been saved. CIO's network of qualified and experienced service engineers has contributed substantially to the prevention breakdowns and damages through on the  spot advice to customers and operators on proper care and maintenance of tyres.


First 26.5 x 29 Tyre Successfully Retreaded        

Devlopment of Raw Materials for Retrading


To meet the diverse conditions under which retreaded tyres are put to use, CIO undertook the development and manufacture needed for retreading. This has considerably improved the life of retreaded tyres, particularly the imported ones used for underground other specialized jobs. The sister company, namely BIHAR RUBBER FACTORY,Adityapur (Jamshedpur) is producing the materials for all our needs. 


Unique Record Of Industrial Relations


CIO believes that all employees are partners in this progress. During the last 58 years there has been no strained industrial relation or any work stoppage on that account.


Our Gratitude


A vast majority of earth moving tyres playing all over the country today is CIO retreaded., a fact that, indeed, makes us proud and at the same time, gives us an opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to all concerned for giving us the privilege of serving the nation for the past five decades of our existence

Loaded Truck With Retreaded Tyres For KECO